Choices or Calamities

Posted on Wed 12 April 2006 in general

I could engage in a long rant on how crap certain traditional Unix tools are compared to their GNU equivalents but as CPAN is currently having issues with gcc I shall have to shelve that for another day.

I could mention the catastrophic gravitational failure that my pan and saucepan rack suffered when I got home last night. Needless to say I am now a nice glass teapot down.

Instead I should probably mention meeting up with Gillian and her new RA to show her the town. Manchester's best kept secret Corbieres was popular and we eventually ended up eating at The Bridge which was very nice although a little more expensive than most places. They are having a North West Gourmet Night on the 17th May which was very tempting. We finally ended up for a final night cap at the Mark Addy. Gillian surprised me by not knowing about most of these places despite having lived here for over 4 years. It then hit me that I've been living here for around 14 years. And I still haven't been to the Museum of Science and Industry!