Brown Liquids

Posted on Sun 16 April 2006 in general

I had a very entertaining day and evening round at Mufi's birthday last night. I got down by 2.15 convinced I was running late but beating everyone else by a good few minutes. I briefly saw Lee in full Dad mode while Chris shamelessly spent his time trying to convince Kell to shout me in the face with his portable nerf weaponry. Kell also demonstrated another habit he's picked up from his Dad but luckily he didn't draw blood :-)

We headed for a walk to Tatton Park with Chris and Paula while we discussed driving technique and how the nice weather was mainly down to Chris bringing a coat with him. Our attempted pub crawl (which Mufi started with a half pint of cider!) was made prematurely short due to the seeming closure of half the hostelries in Knutsford. Still we enjoyed a few ales watching the local bowling team practice on the green. It was nice catching up with Daz and Heidi and the curious Niamh. Babies apparently prefer beer mats to shiny rattling things. We failed to convince Daz to stay on for the evening session before we headed back to Mufi's.

An amazing amount of advanced planning on my behalf had managed to both prepare a CD of pictures for Si and bring a copy of Foundation to pass onto Gillian for Yuwei. Much chilli and strange coloured cocktails later (and a little enforced drought as the water supply cut off) I finally retired to bed having had a big day.

Today hold little strenuous activity aside from packing for a week's worth of travel and watching Doctor Who. I'll be heading down south to visit my parents over the week. Aside from being well fed I'm going to try and get into the habit of jogging to see if I can kick start my training given the few short weeks until the Great Manchester Run. I'm currently debating if its worth taking squash kit down to play my Dad in a match but I'm not sure I could take the embarrassment of another sound thrashing - we shall see. I'm heading up to Whitby for the following weekend to catch up with the goth crowd (and don't laugh - maybe repeat last years run). In fact I should have fully flushed my brain of any work concerns just in time to head back after a chilled week.

EDIT: Fixed some spelling