1.566e23 Years

Posted on Wed 19 April 2006 in general

Tonight I sleep happy in the knowledge that even if we supplied all the UK?s energy by harnessing the tidal power of the Moon the Sun would still destroy the Earth first. I also know a fair bit more about how 16QAMworks. Sometimes it is just good to know things :-)

I had a lie in today before spending the afternoon tweaking my Dad?s Linux box and debugging his mail configuration. Hopefully tomorrow stuff should start flowing once the DNS records have propagated to the rest of the ?net. We then headed to the squash courts for an instructive drubbing where the best score I achieved was being beaten by 9-4. Still I picked up a few tips for the next time I play a less experienced competitor. Hopefully tomorrow we?ll have another long walk and I?m coming to the conclusion it will probably be best to head up to Whitby on Thursday so I can avoid any Friday traffic madness.