Vote Blue, Go Green

Posted on Thu 20 April 2006 in general

Depending on your political cynacism levels it's nice to see the parties scrambling for greener ground. Despite my light blue political hue I do actually care about the environment and its certainly an policy area I'll be keen to hear about. For the record I have voted both Green and Lib Dem over the years so my vote isn't in the bag for the Tories. However they are making the right noises.

Today's activities where mainly centered around another walk, more network tweaking, and an evening meal at The Chequers. The walk wasn't quite a nice as Monday's given the bleak landscape, wind, and broken hiking shoes. However it did provide a suitable amount of exercise that left me feeling pretty relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. For the evening meal I took the opportunity to try Foie Gras which raised an eyebrow or two from my Mum. I'm well aware of the controversy that exists over its production methods however I'm also wary of our societies tendency to anthropomorphise the animals we eat. I'm pretty happy to accept the animals are not stressed during the production as stressed animals generally produce poor food which would kind of defeat the point of creating this "delicacy". Having said that while it tasted quite smooth and rich I don't think I'll be eating Foie Gras again, I far prefer the texture of a decent course farmhouse style pat?.