Salmon Days

Posted on Mon 24 April 2006 in general

I got up at denial a.m. this morning to drive back from Whitby. I had been convinced to stay for the 80's alternative night and indeed had expressed an interest in it. However in the intervening time I visited the famous Magpie Cafe with Thom, Jules and Vikki. The combination of 3 courses and the enticement of Sharpe's Challenge on ITV meant I didn't actually leave the cottage. I may have to institute some sort of "Eat Less Pies" plan after this weeks excesses.

I far prefer the April Whitby Goth Weekend and this year it was especially noticeable as I wasn't rushing about to get into the Spa in the evenings. The weather basically helps make it a nice relaxing sea-side break with a little kit shopping and a lot of catching up with friends in pubs. It was particularly nice to catch up and natter with the Leeds crowd. Even though I visit Leeds fairly often for Wendyhouse there is a lot more leeway for general chat in a pub compared to a noisy club. I had a particularly long chat with Ms Orange in which the delights of Databases, Floor-plans and Music where seamlessly blended into an invite to bug Lee into running a regular Manchester to Leeds Club Bus service.

It's been a very nice relaxing week which I'm just easing out of by working from home today. Hopefully the benefits of the break won't of evaporated by the time I finish a full day in the office tomorrow.