Weekend so far

Posted on Sun 30 April 2006 in general

Friday saw me attending the annual BGPBGPC which this time involved less of a crawl as we spent most of it in TriBeCa. Got a chance to catch up with a lot of people I don't see that often these days including a long chat with richc who will be joining Transitive in a few weeks. Unfortunately the conversation I started with renniek was prematurly interrupted by me telling her to get a beer and I failed to catch up after that. We must sort out doing lunch!

After TriBeCa I had considered going home for an early night but ended up following Phil to club (after a brief diversion via the Hollywood Show Bar which gave me flash-backs of Si and Fluff's wedding). After a vaugley entertaining altercation at the taxi rank I went back with Phil and some other friends to Carl's place. Phil managed to dissuade me from walking the 2.9 miles back home at 4 in the morning so I crashed in the spare bed only to be woken at 7.30 on a Saturday morning by a rubbish truck!

On reflection is was a good choice as the walk back was a lot nicer on Saturday morning with spring really making an effort for the morning. In between me locking myself out of the house and watching Doctor Who (yes I blubbed like a girl too) I fixed the pan rack and cleaned the oven. I also subjected myself to King Kong which was pretty and all but also a little tedious. I shall make note not to visit anywhere called Skull Island in the future - especially with Anne or Lee in tow.