Buy my vote?

Posted on Tue 02 May 2006 in general

So two days until the local elections and I'm rather disappointed in the leaflets that have arrived so far. So far all I've had is one from a prospective Labour councillor descrying the cuts the Tory council has made. I have some sympathy but the cuts don't actually affect me and I do note that the council tax in Stretford is pretty reasonable - certainly compared to Manchester itself (or my parents down in Cambridge). However much as its tempting to give the national government a kicking I do take local issues into account. After all councillors should be in the best position to make my life better, think local - act local. It's a pretty poor show that the incumbents haven't made a token effort to persuade me to vote for them. I'm really not minded to vote for a party that won't at least tell me what they stand for and I'm afraid catching 5 minutes of a party political broadcast won't cut it.