My body, the deceiver...

Posted on Wed 03 May 2006 in general

First of all a quick shout out to Phil and Jeff (who I assume are too busy today to read LJ) to congratulate them on the birth of their baby boy James. I like James - it is a fine name. Sheila wins the book thanks to her finely honed maternal instincts :-)

Yesterday my Glutes felt as though I'd been on a long run. This was a tad confusing as the weekend had been mainly sedentary (and walking 2.9 miles on Saturday shouldn't really register on a Tuesday). Un-deterred I went to the gym last night to try and get my race preparation back on track. I've more or less given up on beating my personal record but I'd be happy to complete the race. I found the left ankle seemed to be fine (although I felt it this morning) and I could maintain the 10 Km/hr pace. Unfortunately my right thigh muscle keeps getting painfully stiff. I'm not sure if this is due to an unconscious imbalance into my running (favouring the right leg over the left leg) or just not yet doing enough running to get used to it.

To top it all off I woke up this morning and my lower back was in pain and keeps spasming when I make certain moves. This is all very frustrating as I want to do the race but I can't see any point if I just pull out or run the first few kilometres. I want my fitness back!