Pop the Vox

Posted on Fri 05 May 2006 by alex in general

I got Vox Popped for this weeks Heaven and Earth Show. I doubt my contribution will make it to the screen as my otherwise coherent thoughts come out as verbal diarrhoea in front of the camera.

The question itself was about what I thought about the prospect of a 63 year old women becoming Britain's oldest mother. For the record I'm not too worried about it. If the issue were about if the NHS should fund the IVF treatment then I would be against that (I don't believe there is such a thing as a "right" to have kids). However seeing as we allow drug addicts or extreme sports people to have kids I regard the risk of the child losing their mother due to age as a hazard but not one we should be trying to legislate for. I would be very uncomfortable with the prospect of deciding who could or could not have kids based on a set of arbitrary criteria.