Caffeine Day

Posted on Mon 15 May 2006 by alex in general

It's not often I'm in work before 9 in the morning. My physiology seems to be far more enamoured of a leisurely wake-up sequence these days. However seeing as I couldn't do a web check-in for the return flight this morning I was up at extreme denial AM (0350) to leave myself plenty of time to make it to the airport.

Dublin is a very nice city. I think James has done very well to choose it as a new home. It shares a lot in common with Manchester is its compactness. Its very easy to walk around to get from place to place. James took us to a few of the sites - one being an excellent pub with a selection of beers that were not Guinness. There was also an excellent converted church with possibly one of the most refined drinking experiences Dublin had to offer. I say refined as there have not been many places I've visited that serenade their drinkers with Roberta Flack and Beatles numbers played by a String Trio. We also visited Trinity College to see the Book of Kells and the rather spectacular library.

It was nice to catch up with James and I did by best to resist the temptation to over geek (although Cheryl did look blank a couple of times). I did however get a chance to play with James' Nikon D70s under the guise of research for potential Digital SLR's in August. I have to say I was quite impressed with the difference a fast reacting SLR makes to your ability to frame and shoot, especially with live subjects. I shall have to try out the Canon equivalents over the next few weeks.