I Can!

Posted on Mon 22 May 2006 in general

I went out to Ikan for Sheila's birthday meal last night. Although the wine prices brought on a little bit of a nervous wallet foraging the food was fantastic. The food style seems to be a bit of a oriental fusion and in the words of the owner less of a menu than a collection of favourite dishes from over the years. I opted for the Strawberry Duck which was really nice - I never considered real strawberries would go so well with duck. The desert consisted of 3 mini tarts (I requested an extra chocolate one instead of coconut). It was exquisite - none of the heavy super sweet desserts of pub fayre but a really rich but not overpowering chocolate mouse. I tried some of Fez's sorbet which has to be one of the fruitiest sorbets I've ever tasted.

The service was full silver service - no pouring your own drinks here. I found the owner a little intimidating at first. It felt like she was pushing us into ordering quickly. However she was really only making sure you understood the menu and very willing to answer any questions about it. The decor was also pretty stunning - very modern and classy. No paper table cloths graced the solid marble tables.

It's not a cheap place. Even though I avoided drinking wine the 3 courses came out at roughly ?25/head and you could probably spend more if you went for a ~?20 of wine. However the food was fantastic and for a special occasion I can heartily recommend Ikan as an excellent Manchester restaurant.