The Tyranny of ASDA

Posted on Wed 24 May 2006 in general

As Anne had offered to cook for me last night I thought I'd better make an effort at re-stocking my wine rack. This usually involves going down to ASDA and seeing what I can find in their rather generic collection. However I decided to try the Oddbins across the road from work.

The bottle I opened last night was 2004 Casillero Del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon*. I can't remember if its the same one my parents got on their booze cruise (it may of been the Merlot). However its a very nice wine with an awful lot of flavour to it which is one of the things I often find lacking in the ASDA wines. Apparently if I tell the Oddbins people what I like and give them ?70-ish pound they will put together a 12 bottle selection. It sounds better than the pot-luck of a late night ASDA visit.

*This is not to say I'm starting down the road of keeping a wine diary. However if you do find a nice wine how do you remember to get it again?