Its all about the Art

Posted on Sun 28 May 2006 in general

Meet up with Jesse last night and generally wondered around the place. The 149 beer place had an interesting selection. In the end I shared a 75cl bottle of Chemy Reserve (a 9% trappist ale) which was very fine. After that we went to on of Amsterdams many Gauchos. Several people have told me the Manchester one is very nice. The food was fantastic - it was all about the steak. The wine wasn't half bad either and I left quite full.

Today we went to the modern art museam which was really fun. There was a whole section on digital reality which included some pieces based on flying around the World of Warcrack as well as an exploration of the two sides of CJ in Grand Theft Auto: San Adreas. One of the exhibits was a video of the artist killing himself in a lot of different ways in a large selection of first person shooter games. There were paintings as well as some slightly wierder installation stuff. I suspect some of the artists may of taken something as one point :-)

I've just seen Jess off at the station so I'm now considering a little bit of exploring further south. I have tram tickets and I'm not afraid to use them :-D