New Suede Shoes

Posted on Thu 01 June 2006 in general

I hate buying shoes. Why can't there be a shop that sells comfortable, durable and gripped shoes at a reasonable price? I don't bother with trainers (or at least the fashion-fest associated with them). I avoid "smart" shoes as they are generally uncomfortable and not well suited to the many miles I walk. An awful lot of the "stylish casual" shoes seem to skip basics such as grip and practicality. It wouldn't be so bad if I knew paying more for shoes actually equated to better shoe life expectancy - however from speaking to people who know it seems not. So today I spent ?85 on a pair of dark brown casual shoes. Tomorrow I purchase 30 pairs of socks!

It looks the weather may well hold out for Sunday. Given people are going to be recovering from all manner of weekend activities (including Paula's Hen) Sunday seems an excellent opportunity to take advantage of my well maintained garden and burn some meat according to ancient customs. So bring your tired huddled masses yearning to be free and of course booze and meat from 2pm onwards on Sunday :-)