Le Weekend, fashion and food

Posted on Mon 05 June 2006 in general

I went out for rare Friday night drinks after work to catch up with some of the people from the Lee's place (sans Lee). Aidan joined me as Gillian was off with Paula for the first day of the hen do. I was planning on having a few drinks, enjoying the sun and having an early-ish night. In the end Daphne dragged us both out to 5th Avenue where I spent a lot of the night feeling so very old.

On Saturday I went on my annual shopping trip with BGP in an attempt to broaden out my wardrobe. I shall save my rants on the pointlessness of "distressed" jeans for another day. However on the whole it was a successful trip although I set a new record for expenditure on a shirt. Phil really liked the ?90 shirt from Intro and worked hard to persuade me it was worth it. I quite like it but I was seeing the negatives (for example it's a hand-wash only shirt). Phil was keen to point out no one else will have a shirt like it. Apparently that counts for something in the world of fashion. Still everyone will be able to judge my purchase at Chris and Paula's wedding.

Phil invited me back to Carl's for free food in the evening. It was a very pleasant evening of chatting and meeting a few more of Phil's friends. It was nice to get to know Carl better considering he's been seeing Phil for 6 months now. There was a lot of theatrical discussion over the course of the evening.

In the end the BBQ was a relatively quite affair as most people where caught up in LRP, Bon Jovi concerts or moving houses. Still it was a nice relaxed Sunday which was the main point. I got to see baby James who is a lot chubbier now. I tried to persuade Jo that sorting my life out would be a valuable post-delivery career move. We also watched Doom which was firmly in the "So Bad its Good" category of films. All in all a nice end to the weekend.