Here comes the Sun

Posted on Mon 12 June 2006 in general

This weekend I was mainly hiding in the shade and drinking plenty of fluids. I have caught a touch of the sun but it seems my genetics are not that different from my brother, although he no doubt has already turned a deep golden brown.

As an English man its my god-given right to complain about the weather whatever state it may be in :-) I would of preferred a little more of an overcast air to Maelstrom just for making it easier to get about. As it happens it was still a very enjoyable weekend where people continued to seek me out for stuff. I also has a good line in banter with Neil's Vaclav character who's name I would deliberately* misremember. I'm surprised he didn't snap and cut me to the ground where I stood for insulting his family :-) All in all a good event, although hopefully the weather will be a little fresher next month!

Last night was difficult to sleep in. Even though I am sold on the benefits of ear plugs (enabling me to have my bedroom windows open and not be woken up by the rush-hour traffic) it was still uncomfortably humid. It doesn't help that being a west facing terrace my house has the whole afternoon to trap the heat into my bedroom and front room. However the garden was very pleasant. I suspect tonight's trip to ASDA may involve getting some beer for garden drinking.

* Well maybe not deliberately. I failed to catch his name when we introduced ourselves and just winged it. As the event progressed I got more inventive with the V names, I think I peeked when I called him Versace :-D