I can see you now

Posted on Wed 14 June 2006 in geek

Work is picking up as we head to another major release. I finished one test case today which then proved what I though might be the problem wasn't. This is both good and bad, I have more defencive tests but I'm still hunting elusive corner case bugs. The trouble with applications that have strange behaviour is they can cover literally millions of instructions which is more than a human can sensibly parse. Most of my time is currently taking theories about what might be going wrong and reducing it into a test case of a few hundred instructions that demonstrate the fault (and more importantly allow me test it is actually fixed afterwards). It's stimulating but hard work, especially when a deadline is looming.

I had a quick play with the new release of Google Earth now they have released a Linux version. Despite the fact I'm not running accelerated 3D (another rant for another time) it runs surprisingly well. I'm not sure if it's another WineLib port like Piccasa or a portable toolkit job. Either way it's nice to see more apps having Linux version even if I generally prefer running open source stuff myself.