Ohhh Rocky

Posted on Mon 19 June 2006 by alex in general

The start of the weekend was quite hectic when I got up at denial a.m. on a Saturday to help Anne move into her new house. I've taken the opportunity to offload bits of furniture which were hand-me-downs in the first place. I will not be offended if she decides to skip them in 6 months time when she's more settled in. As a result my front room is currently quite empty until I sort out a replacement suite. I'm going to check out the usual places although knowing how much they rip of the manufacturers I would be tempted to try buying direct if I could try them first.

The move itself went pretty well with only a few minor setbacks. Anne did seem slightly concerned by the rattling as I reversed the van down the street and into her front lawn. Nothing has been reported broken however. I also replaced the lock for the front door and I seem to of been tagged as knowledgeable in the art of DIY as I'll be checking her plumbing later ;-)

I skived off moving duty around about 4 to head home to prepare for Rocky Horror. I decided to shave my chest so my "boobs" where a little less hairy. I was surprised at how long it takes and how many passes you need to make with the razor over one point. Even after that I still needed a touch up shave when I got to Lee's.

The pinch (a mini-corset for cross dressing men) certainly seemed a lot tighter than last time. I'll have to review the pictures to see how fat I was 4 years ago but it was yet another warning that I need to improve my exercise regime. Unfortunately despite putting the conductors tails to one side for Aidan I'd forgotten to bring it to the car. Rather than remove the pinch I quickly covered up for a drive back home. It was an unsettling experience as not only did I need to adjust the seat to sit up straighter I had the unsettling feeling everyone was looking at me knowing what I was wearing underneath. It's a lot easier to be confident in drag when your with a bunch of similarly dressed types!

A quick rush to catch the coach (Lee is the king of party transport :-) we got to the Opera House just as the doors where being called. The show itself was excellent and the Rocky virgins seemed to enjoy it as well. Nigel Planer did a good job as the Narrator and David Bedella (who we recognised from JSTO) was a creditable Frank'n'furter. I also managed to attract many envious comments from women who wanted my slutty red high heals.

On the subject of high heals I had to be practically carried out of the theatre by Jules and Tom as my feet had gotten very painful by that point. It was a relief to take them off at the bar while we waited for the coach to take us back to the party.

The after party at Lee's was comparatively calmer than the previous one I (don't) recall. Despite that I still ended up passed out on Lee's bed with Chris and Jessie.

The next day we watched a load of Firefly and Serenity before I finally gathering myself to leave. After dropping off Andy and a rather broken Sam in Stretford I took Jessie to the airport to catch her flight.

On returning home I found we had visitors in the form of Katy and Vince just at the point we had no furniture to accommodate them. Still its easy to keep Katy happy if you have Rum and Strawberries on hand. After the wondered off for food and back we caught up on some Family Guy and the repeat of Doctor Who which I'd missed the day before. I enjoyed the episode but it was a little weak compared to some of the others this season. Paving slab sex seems so very very wrong.

Once our visitors had left Andy and I caught up on the back log of Lost episodes. I detected a distinct shift to the mystic from 2x18 to 2x21 although I'm predicting that we are not going to learn too much more. The writers do seem to be in the habit of throwing plot cookies out that are never going to be resolved.

Tonight I'm off to buy and assemble some shelves so I can unpack some of the books and DVD's that have been lying around for a while. I shall then lend some pondering to the subject of wide-screen plasma TV's which will no doubt please Andy.