Wet and Willing?

Posted on Mon 26 June 2006 in general

The network went down today at work so I went shopping during the morning. I saw this and am sorely tempted. The best price I can find at the moment is around ?1800 plus another ?200-300 for the brackets. However my natural reticence to spend money is holding me back. Lee however reckoned I should get the 53" that was behind it even though it wouldn't fit on my wall. His main criteria was I should get something that was a BTM* - personally I think 43" should be enough for anybody! I think I know what I'm buying myself for my birthday :-)

The weekend saw me visiting Jeff and Phil for a laid back weekend of sailing and TV vegging. Despite not really thinking through what I should be wearing for a water sport I still had a great time. Although it was a pretty calm day when we did get wind we got the boat to a fair speed. It quite exhilarating getting a ship moving purely by the application of brain power to natural forces. It's why despite my minor petrol head tendencies I far prefer flying gliders to powered planes. After all any idiot can go fast in a powered vehicle, it takes skill to get the best out of a craft when you just have the wind to power you. I think I could really enjoy this hobby so I'll be on the look out to do it again when I get the chance.

Saturday evening saw us vegging in front of the TV watching Doctor Who while enjoying some of Jeff's cooking. We spent the rest of the evening having a natter in the garden and general catching up. My presence - and therefor the presence of beer - did have a slightly deleterious effect on Jeff though. Phillipa had to kick him awake on Sunday morning when he was on baby duty :-)

On Sunday I headed down to the parents as I was in the neighbourhood. We ended up watching the England-Ecuador match. It was a scrappy match but it was good to see a vintage Beckham free kick given his otherwise average performance so far. It was also good to see Rooney play a full 90 minutes although I do worry that he will pick up a red card at some point. Given the fall out of red cards handed out at the Portugal-Holland game I'm tempted to believe the next game will be easier. However England aren't exactly known for coasting though the World Cup.