Before I forget: Monday and Tuesday

Posted on Wed 05 July 2006 by alex in general

Karen came around on Monday for a catch up (and postal collection). After experimenting with cooking Sweet and Sour pork from scratch (mainly so I could use up the oranges from last week) we ended up watching The Island.

It's not actually a bad film. However if I had remembered the trailer I would have been a little miffed. The rather salient plot points the trailer gives away would have made the first half of the movie drag ("Yes I know the secret! Cut to the chases already"). The only other major nitpick was the final plan which seemed to revolve around letting the highly professional mercenary pick you up and hope he didn't check for a concealed weapon. It had all the hallmarks of a bad LARP plan.

Tuesday was a chance to catch up with Chris S again with Rich and others at Sinclairs before dashing back for the Tuesday Meal which Andy was hosting at my place. A lot of interesting conversation involving energy saving took place. There was also beer involved which is why I don't remember a lot of it :-O