To expand, ever so slightly

Posted on Mon 10 July 2006 in geek

I eschewed the pub for an early return to my empty house on Friday. I even went to bed early (well if 11 is early) planning to have a lie in on Saturday. Imagine how annoyed I was to be awake at 7.30 the next day with the bread still having half an hour until it finished baking.

I mainly pottered around writing lists and shopping for a new mattress until heading into town to meet Aidan and Co at the Mark Addy. I opted for the Hoegaarden which I've had a few times before. It was only about 4 pints in that Mark reminded me how strong it was. We then de-camped for PoTC: Dead Mans Chest which I rather enjoyed. I don't the plot was quite as tight as the first one. However the film was certainly entertaining and a little wacky. After the film we decamped into a pub down the road which we managed to score a lock-in. Unfortunately for the ale drinkers all the cask stuff was off however I was kept happy by the Staropramen. We then returned to Aidan's for kebabs and tea before retiring for the evening. I woke up the next day surprisingly refreshed.

I went sofa shopping on Sunday. I failed to find something I was willing to part with cold hard cash for. I shall have to search harder. I'm assuming I should be able to get a reduction on the 0% finance prices as I'll be paying for it outright but I'm not sure what the correct bartering ritual is for this sort of thing.

Sheila invited me around for food on Sunday evening which helpfully solved my cooking for myself problem that evening. I shall have to remember next time that walking to the Metro and waiting takes longer than walking direct to Dane road.

This week I will be mostly putting into effect my "Default evening activity is exercise" routine. I've been letting it slide far too easily - the rot stops here ;-)