Drinking Lessons

Posted on Mon 17 July 2006 by alex in general

This weekend I learnt two important drinking lessons. The first is it is in fact possible to drink too many Strawberry Daiquiris*. The second is the supermarkets are now stocking quite a nice range of decent lagers.

Friday's plan of after work gym was scuppered by the general attraction of the pub and sitting outdoors in this sunny weather. It turned out to be a bit blowy and I only had a few pints so it wasn't too bad.

Saturday saw me attend two BBQ's. The first was Daphne's house-warming which bar far had the most advanced BBQ present. It did however do a good job of smoking most of the burnt meat. There was an entertaining conversation with a recently qualified lawyer about the direction copyright law was going and also a realisation that a number of the family attendees where either ex or currently working in various law enforcement roles. As I am still at liberty I assume I didn't say anything too controversial.

I headed to Karl and Phil's for the rest of the evening. Apart from ensuring hilarity during discussions about Sci-Fi shows I also learnt I'm not quite as right wing as some older people. It seems I have a fair way to go before I reach the "hangin's too good for them" stage. I was also hit-upon again and as per usual didn't pick up on the signs**.

Sunday was mainly an excuse to laze around in the garden burning even more meat. It was nice to see Cheryl and Lucy who Lee brought along. Mark and Helen attended to as I explored the Kronenburg 1664 Blanc and Chemiy Trapiste beers I'd brought earlier. Although I like real ale's they are not really a summer drink. I'm thinking that I need to drink more interesting lagers but less overall volume :-)

*For the record, 11 punnets of strawberries and 4 litres of Bacardi White Rum was consumed. However I think my head was more to do with the fact they had run out of little plastic cups so my portions where based on the pint mug I was using...
**Well maybe. It did run through my mind that the women had mentioned being married. My inner monologue was something along the lines of "Hmmm, could I be reading this wrong? Didn't she say she was married? Abort! Abort! Go for the hug!".