Transportation Metaphors Abound

Posted on Mon 24 July 2006 in general

My social calender for the start of this week has been filled in with lunches and drinks with various lovely ladies. Lee has cautioned me against smugness although I myself feel pleasantly surprised at the sequence of events.

Maelstrom was very good. The fact I didn't actually use any of my "stats" for the whole weekend I feel is a vindication of the quality of my role-playing :-)

The travel down was a little fraught. As Andy was already slated to drive I thought I should take full advantage of my non-driving status by having my first few beers on the way down. I was berated for a slight navigational mishap while trying to bypass the M1's roadworks. I still contend the road layout was sufficiently confusing for any navigator to follow. I wasn't *that* drunk at that point as the last of the 3 cold beers had been consumed some 4 hours previously.

The event itself was warm and sultry and although thunder threatened for the whole weekend it never did clear the air. Activity suffered slightly from the heat but we still achieved much as a group. We had a load of new players associating with the church including several LRP virgins. The fact they all seemed to enjoy themselves is a good sign the group was involving people and having an effect of the direction of plot*. I may not be progressing power-wise as a character but I'm certainly still enjoying it. The phrase "it's not a race, there is no prise" was an oft-repeated phrase :-)

The drive back was notable only for its length and occasional bouts of off-key singing. We finally got home some time after 11 and even discovering a huge spider sharing the shower did not dampen my relaxed happiness** when I collapsed in bed. I'm hopping this week will not sap too much of the good vibes away by next weekend.

*I use the term plot in the very loosest terms. Maelstrom is one of the most player-led systems I know. It really does feel like we are achieving things we want to - not because some plot team has dictated X must be achieved before we level up
**Although a rather effeminate scream did emanate from the shower cubicle when I first spotted the monster. Andy was dispatched to show the guest the door