Hardcore, too the max, coding

Posted on Fri 28 July 2006 in geek

I left work around 21.45 last night. I was in by 8.10 this morning. My "Get out of bed alarm" went off whilst I was fixing my uber-tag* for baseline inclusion. Today will be mostly brought to you by caffeine and loud music. How I shall stay awake at Chris P's house warming is currently unknown, I expect a total body shutdown at some point.

This chunk of work been one of the most demanding bits of code I've worked on. The diffstat says it all really
162 files changed, 6730 insertions(+), 1136 deletions(-)

And that's just the final chunk of code. I've been splitting off chunks of code over the last year which have already made it into the baseline. If you're wondering why I've become so familiar with emacs diff-mode now you know.

If anyone is wondering what product it is I've been hacking away on you can find the product announcement here. I doubt anyone I know will be running it though but still now you know :-)

*tag, basically you can think of it as a patch.