I can see clearly now

Posted on Wed 02 August 2006 in geek

Andy invited me to attend the Tuesday Meal which he was hosting today. Somehow we ended up sorting out and putting up the GSC Memorial Library. We had to Executive Decision a few books, mainly the fighting fantasy and a few of the one that would obviously wind me up*. Unfortunately a few of the series seem to be missing initial books which is a bit of a pain. However it's pretty clear which authors Glyn really liked as they take up vast tracts of the bookshelf. I am now soliciting advice on which authors are worthy of my attention for the next few years :-)

  • Ian M Banks - I'm told I should read some of his straight fiction but I think the only one I have is Whit. I have read most of the Culture books over the last year or so
  • Hugh Cook - I've read "The Wizards and the Warriors" as it was required reading for NV spell-casters. I don't think I've read any of the others.
  • Forgotten Realms - Glyn had a shed load of these (so much so we double stacked them to save space). Opinion seems very much this is on the trashy side of D&D tie in**. I have vague memories of reading the original Drizzt Dourden books when I was younger.
  • Peter F Hamilton - I enjoyed the Mindstar trilogy although I haven't read much else of his.
  • Robert Heinlein - A veritable stack load of these. I'm currently starting "Time Enough for Love" which I had heard of before so should give me a good idea of if I like him.
  • Brain/Frank Herbet's Dune series - I really love the film and I think I've read the first book. However I'm wary of the series as I'd hate to read a series knowing it was getting worse.
  • Robin Hobb - Another good chunk including a bunch of hardbacks. I think Mufi is a fan as well.
  • R.A.Salvatore - Another chunk of his none Forgotten Realms stuff. Is this worth reading?
  • E.E. "Doc" Smith - I keep confusing "The Galaxy Primes" with a book I read as a kid that involved people gambling on alien ships taking them to riches rather than certain death. According to Andy the Lensman Series is a major influence on the Green Lantern... or something...
  • Weis and Hickman - I read the original Dragon Lance trilogy when I was young. Is there anything else thats notable worth reading?

Of course thats not all the books in the library but people are more than welcome to browse when they next visit. If anyone want to borrow any books then let me know - Glyn was always happy to lend books to people.

*Secrets of Atlantis revealed! How Aztec carvings prove they were into transplants! - That sort of thing.
**This of course assumes there are some non-trashy D&D tie in novels