Posted on Mon 07 August 2006 in general

I'm back from a nice relaxing visit to Frankfurt for Jessie's birthday celebrations.

The birthday soiree was fun. It was nice to meet a whole bunch of new people (including some from Manchester!). As a result the discussion was wide and varied which was nice. We then headed out to the restaurant for a meal. One thing that I noticed over the weekend is that Germany's hospitality industry doesn't understand service with any sense of urgency*. We then headed on to a nice bar where I sampled a few rather nice cherry liqueurs. One quick rain storm later and a quick rampaging** visit to a garage to pick up more booze and we returned to Jessie's for night caps. The rest of the night is a little hazy from that point.

We didn't really achieve much on Saturday. We mainly lounged around chatting away until the last of the overnight visitors left. Jess doesn't own a TV for the purposes of mooching about wasting time. Luckily Lee had brought a 300gb portable drive so we could veg out watching the IT Crowd and Peep Show. I also watched most of Over the Hedge while the others were having their afternoon snooze. It was OK, but that good.

There was the option of heading in for some salsa dancing on Saturday night but we knocked it on the head due to a combination of language barrier fear and general tiredness.

Sunday was a planned cultural activity day. We didn't get much cultural done although we headed into Frankfurt on Sunday for one of the bi-weekly street festivals. The beer (as you would expect in Germany) was indeed excellent. I visited a Beach Party club which was nice if a little quiet on a Sunday afternoon.

The wasn't much to do today apart from a nice walk down the river and catching a bite to eat before heading off home. A nice relaxing finish to a relaxing weekend.

A few pictures can be found here.

*Jessie contended this is due to the staff not needing tips to get by.
**Lee cf Bull in China Shop