Atomic Number of Arsenic, apparently.

Posted on Thu 10 August 2006 in general

My Birthday will be rolling round next Thursday as I reach the grand old age of 33. I'm not sure if this counts as mid-thirties yet or I have a years grace.

Instead of the usual debauchery of a weekend party I thought I would go out for a meal during the week instead. I have booked the Gaucho Grill on Deansgate for the purpose. The table is for 7.30 but no doubt I shall head to a local hostelry in town for a few drinks after work.

If anyone would like to join me to celebrate this auspicious occasion then please let me know so I can revise the reservation. Be warned it's not the cheapest restaurant in town so I won't be offended if some people can't make it due to budgetary issues. The food however is excellent for anyone who is on the Aitkins diet :-)