Quick Review of the Week

Posted on Sun 13 August 2006 in general

On Thursday I was invited to Mark and Helen's for a little dinner soiree. The food was (as per usual) excellent.

Friday was a combination of leaving do and birthday for one of the guys at work. We headed to the rather excellent Knott Bar where I enjoyed many of the guest beers. Of particular note was the Northern Lights which made a fine light summer session beer. I then wondered up toward Ara pausing to update the reservation at the Gaucho Grill from the original 6 to the (then) 21. The manager seemed a little panicked at this point before moving the reservation to 7. I'll have to go in tomorrow and make sure they can handle the 26 people that have now confirmed! Otherwise I may have to go for a change of venue on Thursday.

I met up with Lee and Chris and a few of the Leeds crowd in Ara before having my arm twisted to head back to Lee's to continue the party. It's very hard to say no to Lee and Chris when they are in full arm twisting mode. As a result I made it to bed around 5.30 on Saturday morning.

I headed back home to find the freezer hadn't been shut properly so the whole thing needed defrosting and cleaning. That took up most of the afternoon which made me a tad late to follow up on furniture plans that Jay had planted in my mind. Two car trips latter (and 80kg of tightly packed memo-forming foam) I now have 2x6ft Budda Bags in place of the old sofa's. In the default configuration of two people in the room they basically form two ridiculously comfortable beanbags. However each one can fit two people (three if you are very cosy) bringing the seating space for the living room back up to spec. We shall see how they perform when I next have guests. The guys at the shop assure me they have ditched their sofa's as their friends prefer the bags*.

By the end of all that running about I didn't feel up to negotiating the public transport system (and already being late) drove up to Rich and Al's for Rich and Sue's birthday. There was a little bit of kitchen chemistry involved as we got Sue's chocolate fountain running before eating a whole bunch of cherries. I only managed to keep conscious viable until around 11 when I dragged a protesting (although very droopy eyed) Andy back home. I managed what must of been my first post-9 o'clock lie in this morning which is a first as far as I can remember.