Posted on Mon 28 August 2006 in general

First things first. Congratulations are in order to Arwel and Jo and their new baby daughter. I only found out when I got home from a session in town with Mark, Chris and Fez. I can reveal Dave won the sweep.

The weekend started at the Sten do on Friday evening. The theme was an Elizabethan banquet. The floor show was appropriatly tongue in cheack and did take a slight turn for the bizarre ending with "All that Jazz" from Chigago. The DJ proved to be interesting - we suspected he put CD's of pre-mixed music on as they set themselves apart from the normal rather random mixing. I retired at the end of the night rather bloated from too much meat.

Saturday was Nook's Stag night. The many ancient laws prevent me from revealing much. However I can say we enjoyed ourselves and Newcastle is a very lively place to go out.

I headed home with Andy and Neil in tow and made good time driving back to Manchester. I made it to the Mark Addy to meet Mark and eat. A brief tour of real-ale followed (a welcome break from the lager I'd been on Saturday). After being joined by Chris and Fez (on recovery from their Saturdays) we eventually returned home for DVD's. We watched the original* version of Star Wars. Andy noted many points, including how the Moss Eisley shots don't require all those extra creatures. Han shooting Greedo in cold blood was also well greeted. We are such geeks :-)

I didn't last that late, calling it a day sometime around 2. Today hasn't involved that much apart from watching Spiderman and 12 Monkeys. 12 Monkeys is a very good film - I think it benefits from multiple viewings.