Posted on Mon 28 August 2006 in geek

This really caught my attention. I wonder if the "Don't be Evil" corporate mantra of Google is good enough for people to entrust all their data to a company that's also a excellent at searching, indexing and analysing huge amounts of data. Having said that what's security anyway. Do companies with there own IT system have any better a record at keeping stuff backed up and secure? And of course being web-based and hence usable anywhere with a web-browser you are brought closer to the vision of truly virtual companies. I can certainly see why a small company would jump at the chance of everyone in the company having email, IM and calender in a few clicks. They'll probably be able to throw in Word Processing and Document storage from Writely at some point and then you wouldn't even need to upgrade Office every three years. Maybe Google understand Microsoft's idea of Software as Service a little too well ;-)