Pink Taps

Posted on Mon 04 September 2006 in general

Friday saw me visitng Rich and Al's for Mikey's birthday party. He got an interesting LoTR game which involved a sword and a sensor. Once we got the hang of calibrating it it proved to be quite entertaining. I briefly caught up with Izzy and will have to visit when I'm down in Cambridge later this month.

Andy and I visited little baby [STRIKEOUT:Ceri/Nia]TBD on Saturday. She didn't do much apart from sleep and occasionaly hicup. I think she has inheritred that from Arwel ;-)

Saturday night involved a minor tap malfunction at Ikan*. We had headed there to try some of the Champagne Cocktails. When I visited the loo I went to wash my hands. The tap seemed to be leaking a bit but I thought it was just a loose washer. Unfortunately I didn't notice the brash valve which should of been attached to the leaver sitting in the sink. When I touched the leaver it just came off in my hand starting a torrent of high pressure water streaming from the tap. Much activity then ensued as the manager came in and tried to stem the flow while also failing to find the stop-cock for the water supply.

The resulting delay in our cocktails, due to the staff trying to keep the torrent at bay, combined with Andy T's jury rigged solution got us a free round of drinks. All in all an interesting experience. The rest of the evening in the Salisbury and Rock World is more of a blur.

Today has been pretty slow although Lee and I did pop over to Leeds to lend a helping hand with decorating the Subculture. The place looks as though it taking shape although there is still a lot to do before it opens in 2 weeks.

*I have been there before. It's highly recommended.