Sock Day

Posted on Mon 04 September 2006 in general

Well the beta 2.0 software seems to be running OK though our release tests. This means I can step back a little from the "OMG fix this!" approach we have been running recently. Despite appearances to the contrary I'm quite a methodical coder. Recently has been involved a little too much of throwing patches into the project that I've only just seen passing my own limited testing. Of course this of course costs even more time when you have to back it out because its caused a regression somewhere else. The pace of project baselines has also meant a lot of distraction as each release needs testing (and possibly bug fixing) so its been very hard to get something working neatly.

So today has been a lot more restful as I've been bringing code up to scratch for review for the company baseline and reviewing other peoples code. I feel better already :-)