A Scanner Darkly

Posted on Fri 08 September 2006 in general

I went with Fliss to see A Scanner Darkley last night. Fliss was unsure how faithful the adaption to the book would be although it seems as though it was pretty close. It even included Philip K Dick's homage to his fallen drug taking friends at the end. The film has a lot of common themes with other PKD adaptations in so far it deals with the self-perception as well as twists that leave you wondering if you really knew what it was all about. The use of rotoscoping for the film allowed it to play with the drug induced halucinations to great effect. It also begs the question "if you're halucinating aphids crawling over your skin have you taken too many drugs?". It's certainly a dark film but well recommneded. I really must read some of his books at some point. Fliss recommends them quite highly.