Do you want some?

Posted on Mon 11 September 2006 in general

I wasn't originally due to go to the final Maelstrom of the year having believed my conversion to fair weather LRPer was finally complete. As it happens the weather was excellent (in many ways better than the previous two events) and I had a very enjoyable weekend to top off an excellent week in many respects.

I took Friday off so we could make good time to the site. Drum Hill is a bit of a blast from the past as it's the site of my first ever Gathering. I have memories of sheltering in my Polo as hurricane force winds swept over the site sometime in the 90's*.

Danny's modus operandi is already well documented. The only thing worth noting is he soon decided that gambling was burning through his money faster than the Chamber of Delights. I'd love to be able to blame the Jaguar for this but at the end of the day Danny is weak ;-)

We were involved in some plot type stuff although as per usual Danny's participation in such things is at best ancillary.

The journey back was complicated by a rather large crash on the M6 which involved a lot of slow crawling. We felt more for those on the Southbound M6 however who had basically given up and turned off their engines and lights while waiting. It was quite eerie passing them. However the delays weren't that bad. It gave Fliss and I plenty of time to critique each others musical tastes. Her approval of Pink Floyd and Dire Straits scored big points although I'm unsure if this balances out her raised eyebrows at Queen and Meatloaf. Time will tell if this proves insurmountable :-P

A quick pit stop home before dropping Fliss off in Liverpool and I made it to bed by about 12.30. I hope to have more weeks last the last one!

*Sometime in the nineties is about as good as any of my recollection of the nineties gets. It will have been some time after I started University and before the LT stopped using Drum Hill.