War, what is it good for?

Posted on Tue 12 September 2006 in general

I watched the final half hour of Lord of War last night (having been too tired to finish it last Wednesday). It's an excellent film which I can heartily recommend.

I was the pillar of temptation resistance yesterday after a "Free Drinks!" email announced a mini-celebration for shipping our Beta 2 software. I did turn up and enjoy two fresh orange juices and a few nibbles before heading down to Badminton. Unfortunately I wasn't on my top form which may of been a combination of eating chips, being tired from Maelstrom and not being able to see the shuttle. I did go and ask the guy to turn on the lights to which his response was "yeah its a bit dark in there, been like that since I joined". I pretty sure there were times it took me a second or so to re-acquire the shuttle it was that dim. The lower light levels really affects the contrast between the shuttle and the background. I shall have to make up for it next week which will probably be our last weekly group game as the students tend to block book the whole of the Sugden Centre during term.