DJ Saint Squad

Posted on Thu 14 September 2006 in general

I went to the Subculture investors (and associated helpers) party last night. Sarah started out by announcing there were no DJ's and people were welcome to spin a few CD's. I did casually wonder over to look over the equipment but left people who looked like they knew what they were doing at it. A fair bit latter that evening I joined Paul in the booth helping select tracks. This was slightly hampered by the small selection of CD's (left from the decorating sessions) and my less than passing familiarity with the Goth/Alternative Genre. Paul and I had the odd artistic discussion/disagreement as we slid in Hip-Hop numbers between Metallica tracks. The DJ'ing became a lot better when Sarah pointed out the set of headphones she had brought. Once I'd got the hang of the monitor set-up I did a lot better with my fades from track to track. It also meant I could grab CD's where I knew the band name and quickly preview the tracks until I found something that stimulated a glimmer of recognition. This is probably why "eclectic" was a adjective being much used last night. I finished of my "set" with Charles Daniels Band's "Devil Went down to Georgia" which seemed to go down well. Even though it was basically a private party I didn't seem to totally suck although Paul reckoned it was probably down to the fact people will dance to anything once drunk. Lee reckoned I was enjoying the DJ buzz. Apparently I looked quite happy up in the booth :-)

UPDATE: Fear my l33t DJskillz:-)