Posted on Fri 15 September 2006 in general

Last night I got home pretty early (and logged onto the VPN while sat in front of the TV). I then had a sudden urge to do some housework and started cleaning all around the back of the TV. After conquering the dust devils I decided to rationalise the cables coming out of the back of my TV. One executive decision later I had unplugged the video recorded and moved the PS2 into the TV's base unit. VHS is such a dead format now I don't see any reason to keep it hanging around. I think the pre-recorded videos can go to charity shops although I'm not sure what to do about the others. I'm guessing the solid plastic isn't that good for land fills. I will also feel a little sad throwing away the original recording of the UK TV premiere of Star Wars. But what else could I do with them?

We then collectively lounged (buddha'd?) for BBC2's Thursday comedy run. I'd not watched the first season of Extras but last nights episode was very funny. I'm impressed at how Gervais has convinced the celebrities to send themselves up. It was followed by the TV adaptation of Radio 4's That Mitchell and Webb Sound. I think Andy liked it despite it's origin ;-)