Gimp Suits and Aliens

Posted on Mon 18 September 2006 in general

Following on from the Subculture party I had the house to myself for Saturday. I mainly was ripping music until the evening when I picked up my trusty PS2 controller to get a little further on GTA. I got Liberty City Stories for my birthday and I need to finish San Andreas first :-)

The 4 and 5 star chases at the end of missions take a lot more work to deal with. I'm not sure if using the pausing to the map and marking the police star location I'm heading to constitutes cheating or using the tools at your disposal. With a little careful getaway route planning I was able to finish "Architectual Espionage" although I stalled on gimp mission as I couldn't find the guy. I did actually get all the way through Area 69 only to get shot out of the sky making good my escape. However I think I have perfected my One Man Army technique for the retry. It was quite relaxing to have a day entirely to myself which I haven't had for some time.

Sunday saw me visiting Mufi and TJ for an impromptu BBQ before heading out for a night of burlesque fun at the Frog and Bucket with a Aidan, Gillian, Lee and [STRIKEOUT:JJ]Jacob. It was all pretty fun stuff including a very talented lass with a special technique for mixing cocktails. The surreality of it probably explained the oddness of my dreams this morning.