Posted on Fri 22 September 2006 in general

As I left the house this morning I received a bit of a shock finding out one of my neighbours had died 3 weeks ago. The fact he died in bed and was found later had some resonances with Glyn. The morning had been very pleasant up to that point....

Fliss has been visiting since Wednesday when she got to experience the Wednesday Meal. Yesterday we attempted a bit of culture* at the Lowry. The show was Lip Service's Withering Looks, a review of the Bront? sisters careers. It was very funny even given my lack of familiarity with the canon. Fliss seemed to enjoy it immensely. I think I shall look out for the next time they bring a show to Manchester and go again. Tonight will probably be more low brow if I can find a cinema that is still playing Snakes on a Plane.

*OK so the show was comedy, but in a theatre and on a stage counts as culture for me ;-)