Food, Snakes, Vampires

Posted on Sun 24 September 2006 by alex in general

We went to the Gaucho Grill on Thursday before the cinema. Much as I enjoyed it for my birthday the selection was limited because of the size of the group. With just Fliss and I we had the whole menu available and the personal service of a waitress bringing the meat to your table and talking us through the options. In the end we both went for the Churrasco Lomo steak which had been marinated for 24 hours. It was absolutely divine :-)

Snakes on a Plane delivers exactly what you would expect from the title. You have to leave your pedant hat at home as some of the plans are a little left field. However it delivers on snake bites and Samuel L Jackson so you can't complain.

We headed across to Chris and Paula's on Saturday for a Buffy day. We all got to pick one of our favourite episodes although we didn't follow any particular chronological order. A very pleasant afternoon and evening followed as Fliss got to meet another bunch of my friends. She even managed to drink Chris under the table which endeared her to the assembled masses. We took the metro home and enjoyed a nice walk in the warm (but slightly windy) evening air.