Posted on Mon 25 September 2006 in general

I'm working from home this week (helpfully missing the Labour party conference impact on travel). The double glazing people are in smashing out the old windows. So far they seem to be making good progress although there have been a couple of close calls with shards of glass. Hopefully all of upstairs will be sorted out by the end of the day.

It's a good job to as although I like using the laptop downstairs the touchpad has proved to be a right royal pain. It seems to get itself into a state where it keeps emulating middle button presses resulting in pages of randomly select X paste buffer ending up in the field you are editing. Luckily manually building the latest driver makes it behave more sanely. It seems the 0.14.4 version (released before this version of Ubuntu) has a bunch of fixes for 64bit which may well of been missed by Ubuntu's QA thanks to the relative paucity of 64bit laptops out there. The latest 0.14.6 release seems to be making more sense.