Technology Failure

Posted on Thu 28 September 2006 in general

I am now about 4.5k poorer which means now would not be a good time to experience redundancy. The new doors were fitted today and my house is now fully wrapped up in double glazed goodness. There will now undergo a retraining period to get used to doors that don't shut on the latch and some consideration to fire escapes. In some ways it is easier as there are bottom openings on two of the middle floor windows that give you some options (even if leg breaking is one of them). However the front doors have to be locked with a key so one needs to be kept nearby but obviously not so nearby someone can nick the key and break into the house.

I was optimistic in predicting I could cook this week at last nights meal. On Tuesday I realised the kitchen could well be in an unusable state for Wednesday and I sent out a message to the list touting for replacements. The technology failure was not remembering that email isn't a panacea for communications - especially when other people are without electricity for a few days. Sorry Ste!