Comparative Cakeology

Posted on Sun 01 October 2006 in general

One thing I learnt this weekend is that it is possible to make a chocolate cake out of courgettes.

My Grandmothers 90th has been an entertaining affair. She had no idea we had assembled friends and relatives from 5 countries to celebrate her birthday. I got to meet my Welsh cousins again which was nice. We also got a chance to compare my Grandma's Sacher Torte with the "genuine" article. I have to say, with no hint of bias, that my Grans version wins hands down. It was certainly moister and not as sweet at the imported cake. I would bring some back to Manchester to share but I doubt the remainder of the cake will survive long enough.

I spent a portion of the evening helping my Dad diagnose the fault with the boiler which has chosen the day we have 8 people staying to pack up. Unfortunately we are unlikely to find a replacement fan unit tomorrow. Thankfully we have a backup immersion heater so we can have some sort of wash :-). Tomorrow will mainly involve visiting garden centres, eating scotch beef and catching up with Izzy in town. I may have a beer or two in the process ;-)