Posted on Thu 05 October 2006 in general

My turn again for the meal last night. I cooked a pie that had seen a previous outing at one of Ms Orange's parties. It's a great recipe as it's pretty easy to put together. However yet again I seem to be missing all my measuring jugs and pastry brushes. I think I'll buy a proper glass measuring jug this time as plastic ones are too easily appropriated to other tasks. Desert was Scotch Pancakes with Green and Blacks Vanilla Ice-Cream and Maple Syrup. I don't usually cook desserts on the fly but this was pretty easy to do and certainly seemed to be appreciated. It all seemed to go well enough and I suitably over-estimated so ended up with a whole spare pie at the end :-)

I'm currently going through a re-calibration phase for the heating in my house. It's not helped by the hysteresis that my thermostat seems to exhibiting. I need to have some heating on in the morning and late evening but at the moment it either doesn't trigger or goes on a 2 hour sauna fest. I think a new heating system is next on the list of things to sort out. As that's probably a big investment I'm wondering what the pay back of just fitting a newer controller and thermostat(s) would be.