Waking up is so hard to do

Posted on Sat 07 October 2006 in general

Getting going on a Saturday morning seems to be very tricky to do. I have yet to tackle the wall paper or take anything down to charity shop. I have a few hours left before heading down to the Lowry to see Thatcher: The Musical.

Rich and Al torpedoed my plans for visiting the gym before meeting Vikki at 8 by dragging me out earlier for a little pre-pubage pubage. Next time I plan any gym activity for Fridays I should go at lunchtime. Friday evenings develop far to fluidly!

I got to meet Vikki's new house mate Nic (certainly not Nikki) and talk about theatre. She's currently promoting a show with Darren Day in it. I'd heard the name before but had no idea who he is. When she mentioned his string of the engagements I recognised at least two of the names. Anne will be proud of my periphery gossip column knowledge I'm sure :-) I sensibly resisted the temptation to head to Rock World leaving the girls to Dave's care.

This morning has been mainly tea drinking and watching and analysing the first episode of season 3 of Lost with Andy. I must go an achieve something now....