Le Weekend

Posted on Mon 09 October 2006 in general

I did manage to strip some wallpaper on Saturday. I now need to leave it a few days to ensure there is no residual damp and repaper with some lining paper. The full re-decoration of the Kitchen is still someway of in the grand scheme of things.

Saturday's "Thatcher: The Musical" at the Lowry was an exercise in surreality. As Mufi noted there weren't any particularly memorable songs (although I quite liked "The Cabinet Reshuffle") but I don't think that was the point. It covered her career from humble shop keeper background all the way to her downfall. I think it went for a pretty neutral approach not overly condemning or praising her role in our recent history. They did take the opportunity to have a few pops at the current incumbent, for example when referring to the Fawklands War the main Thatcher noted "the key thing Tony is to make sure they attack you first". The finale made the point that whatever you think of her we are all Thatcher's children now in the sense of most of the transformation of the UK is still in place. The lead Thatcher remarked on how many of Tony Blair's policies could of been hers!

Sunday was a quick jaunt to Liverpool and back to help Jo sell her Mini. Nia was well behaved for most of the day although she did get a little upset on the way back until we got moving in the car. We watched the new Robin Hood (alright, probably not going to make time to watch it), ate chili and then returned Jo and Nia home.