On the subjects of Backups

Posted on Wed 11 October 2006 by alex in geek

I got caught in a massive rainstorm on the way into work this morning. I'm still not fully dried out. As a consequence my Palm pilot decided to forget about everything. This wouldn't be a massive problem except at some point* the sync software decided to stop syncing the address and date book with Evolution. As a result I've lost a whole chunk of dates and notes. Luckily I can remember a chunk of what I'm doing over the next few weeks but otherwise I may be miss stuff. If you've told me about stuff since August you may want to remind me.

I think I shall take this data loss opportunity to fix figure out a better syncing solution. I've mentioned before the possibilities of syncing with Google's Calender functionality. This is obviously preferable to having everything on the one machine at work. It also makes it easier to update stuff when I don't have my PDA on me. I shall probably have to put some coding into this but I reckon I can put aside a weekend to get something up and running.

We also had a lot of systems down today so I've been having a quick play with Digg and del.icio.us. I think I'm at the stage I'm willing to trust a lot of non-sensitive (but useful to have) data to "offsite" storage.