Pounding, pounding, techno music

Posted on Sun 15 October 2006 in general

I have often been teased for listening to Radio 4. For my money when you start listening to Radio 2 and Bob Harris you are really ready for the slippers and the comfy chair.

I enjoyed the Radio Soulwax Warehouse party although there were a few negative points. The music was pretty hardcore electro for most of the night until 2 Many DJ's came on at 2 in the morning. It was a fair wait for the headline act so the remainder of us that had lasted that long left after about 3.30. I quite like the venue, inside it doesn't get too hot and you can break out to outside if you want to catch some fresh air. However the acoustics are not the best in the world, at the end of the day it is a big aluminium box. It also seemed very crowded in the main hall so there was a fair bit of jostling going on. Having said that apparently it was quite empty in the other small "Beer Hall". Maybe it will be a better if the crowds are more spread out. The chav quotient was quite high but as they were all pretty muntered so it didn't really cause many problems. I'm still at a loss to explain why bratwurst was the food available on site.

We got back around four in the morning and after watching the classic 50's Sci-Fi When Worlds Collide headed to bed around half past six. The rest of the weekend has involved a fair amount of sleeping :-) I did travel into Bolton for the Howcroft Beer Festival although I missed the morning session. I had a few pints and a meal with a bunch of the boltonites and a few radliffians before catching up with a few more people at Gemma's birthday drinks. I didn't stay out too late leaving soon after Andy had arrived.

Today I've been watching a documentary on dark matter and dark energy. Luckily Sheila is cooking for me later so I can afford to lounge about for most of the evening :-)