Trying New Things

Posted on Sat 28 October 2006 by alex in geek

I've been trying a few new things this week. One of them was visiting the new food market in the Arndale in town. It looks like a lot of the farms that turn up to the regular farmers markets have a place in there. There is also a massive fish mongers if you like that sort of thing.

After struggling trying to get Ubuntu onto my soon-to-be desktop system at work yesterday I gave up and headed up to meet Lee and Cheryl for a few drinks. I left them to head to Ara and went home for a moderately early night. I finally gave up trying to get the latest LastFM player to build (and not crash) so I switched to Last-Exit which had an ebuild on Gentoo. It's not quite as shiny as the LastFM player but it works which is the main thing.