Making travel plans

Posted on Mon 30 October 2006 by alex in general

Yesterday was the cause of much frustration trying to book various tickets for travel. It seems that travel systems aren't cut out for this sort of thing on Sundays. However I have now booked train tickets to visit Jay and Roo at the end of November and I'm also joining the Goth outing in Amsterdam for the weekend before Christmas. That will be the second time this year but what the hell, I like the place.

The weekend was a pretty lazy affair. I was planning on fitting a new extractor fan but inertia saw me drinking tea and watching TV for most of Saturday morning. I eventually fitted some net curtains in the bathroom on Sunday but it's hardly massive DIY activity.

I did go to Jenny's rather spiffing Halloween party. Me and Lee conspired to break the 20 year old with "Skarl" toasts. Cheryl was left to pick up the pieces and provide amusement. I guess I could look at as an educational instruction. I mean after all how are kids meant to learn to pace themselves if they don't overdo it once or twice? I'm pretty sure it took me a fair few "sessions" to figure out where my limits where. I still don't get it right all the time these days as I keep having to recalibrate due to age. Having said that Lee's mead (as is common with most meads) proved to be refreshingly hangover free.

Sheila came round for food and films on Sunday. V for Vendetta proved entertaining and a welcome addition to my collection. One Sheila went home I did my usual Sunday evening potter and clean before turning in for a respectfully early night.

This week I need to pick up gym activity again as the cough has subsided to sensible non-sleep interfering levels. I have a few pounds to shed that don't seem to shift by themselves ;-)